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Sworn Translation

From/into European and non-European languages

We provide a sworn translation of all kind of official documents, that required confirmation of authenticity, like identification documents (acts of marriage, death, divorce), legal documents (court judgments and judicial decisions, contracts and purchase then sale acts), etc.

You can send us a scanned copy of the original of your document, and in return, we will send you sworn translation by recommended letter or by currier.

Also, we can help you if you need a sworn translator when signing contracts, relevant documents or making commitments.

Just call us, and we will assist a sworn interpreter at the notary office or in the church or at a registry office if you are getting married.

If you run a law firm, notary office, relocation company – we can help you providing sworn translations for your clients. In the event of constant co-operation, we will offer you a discount.

We are here to help to provide a sworn translator of the required language.

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e-mail: biuro@academia-polonica.com.pl    tel: +48 609 704 897

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