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Polish for Business

Individual Mangers programme

This programme focuses on using Polish in a relevant business context, for example, everyday contact with your Polish associates and clients, as well as in official situations like delivering a presentation, running negotiation, participating in meetings, conferences and events. By learning Polish together with cultural code, you could become a trough member of your staff. Understanding cultural differences, you will be able to avoid confusions and frustrations and build good relation with your employees, colleagues and business partners. It can be crucial to your success.

If you could speak even a little bit of Polish, could it better your relationship with the Polish staff?

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Executive Group Programme

Executive Group Programme is to satisfy the demand for business Polish to promote active use of Polish in the office and socially. The course content is structured to ease the executive into life in Poland and to integrate them with Polish colleagues. Out tutors could deliver Polish lessons for groups on the same level at your office in Warsaw or online

To help the team feel belonging order the executive group programme

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VIP Programmes for professionals /specialists

Individually designed programme to meet your needs. It will contain a particular vocabulary for your discipline, specialised texts to be read and discussed. The focus is on understanding the documents, being able to talk about it and present one’s opinion. The course prepares you to be able to write official papers (like rapports, projects, proposals, presentation), follow discussions, run meetings, write a speech, talk in public, read the correspondence and answer it.

Being the expert, be though by a professional tutor!

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Polish for diplomats

The programme is designed for the Diplomatic Service. Depending on the level of the participant, the program introduces beginners to the Polish language used in everyday life and relevant curtesy situationsit; also contains polite expressions useful in the relevant official situation.. For more advanced participants, the focus is on developing conversation skills, particularly for official contacts, presentations and taking part in press conferences.

The programme includes knowledge of Polish history, culture, customs, tradition, politics, media, and the economy.

If you were able to communicate in Polish, even on a fundamental level, will it impact the level of contacts with Poles in your diplomatic service?

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