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Polish for Academic Purposes

Foreign Students’ Programme

It will prepare you to enter the Polish university. It focuses on developing your conversation, writing and comprehension skills. The course includes the study of various texts, including newspapers and literature from your discipline, improvement of writing skills and development of powers of discussion. Speaking Polish enables you to feel at home in the academic environment, participate in a students life, make friends and get benefits of the experience in living in a foreign environment. Last but not least – knowing the Polish language and lifestyle gives you a privileged position in a job market and can influence your future carrier.

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Programme for the Academic Researcher and Lecturer

Designed for the academics who do research about Poland or are involved in a project in co-operation with Polish institutions. The program focuses on developing the power of discussion, presentation and on the comprehension. You can choose the specialised text to read and discuss together with your tutor. If you are advanced in Polish, you can develop your writing skills, especially in the academic style.

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e-mail: biuro@academia-polonica.com.pl    tel: +48 609 704 897

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