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Academia Polonica

dr Ewa Masłowska

Language is our specialization – since 1998 Academia Polonica provides
Polish language courses to foreigners, intercultural workshops as well as translation/interpretation service.
Speaking Polish and being aware of cultural differences makes life more comfortable and safe, eliminates cultural shock and breaks stereotypes.
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Polish for foreigners

Experienced tutors with an academic background, equipped with proved teaching methods could run your Polish language course in your office in Warsaw or online worldwide.

Since effective communication is the goal, tutors speak Polish during the lessons and teach grammar in a simple, practical way.

Polish language programs for each level (A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) are compliant with the Common European Framework of References for Languages and are focused on developing your language competence by active learning.
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Cross-cultural workshops

Cross-cultural workshops are addressed not only to the diplomats, company leaders, the international staff but to newcomers to Poland as well.
Intercultural awareness helps in co-operation within the international corporations.
It is an essential tool for the leader who is supposed to be a facilitator of all kind of interpersonal conflicts within an international team.
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Translation /Interpretation Service

We deliver a full range of language translation services and language interpretation services for individuals and companies.

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e-mail: biuro@academia-polonica.com.pl    tel: +48 609 704 897

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