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Cross-cultural Workshops

Working in a multicultural environment became a new style of living for a majority of professionals assigned to corporate and public organisations operating on a global scale. Interaction with people from different cultures is now an everyday occurrence and a big challenge for the participants of a worldwide team or business people working with international clients, colleagues or suppliers.


The workshop aims are to help you realise that people of particular nationalities may behave differently from what you expect. Also, they present different attitude towards parallel issues, and their hierarchy of values may vary from your own. Understanding the cultural basis of the differences involves a fundamental human emotional need to be connected to others and accepted as a member of a group.


The programme of the workshop depends on the background of the participants (managers, executives, diplomats, teachers, volunteers, newcomers’ to Poland). It contains goals specific for a particular sector like business, non-governmental organisations or public institutions.


The methods the trainer uses focus on tasks like exercises, role-plays, group discussions, analysis of a case study, individual work or quizzes for analysing the challenges developing an action plan of productive collaboration with Poles.

Form and Location

The Cross-cultural trainer and coach can deliver training in Polish, English, French in a group session or individually at the Clients’ convenience or online.

If you have such a tool like cultural awareness, would it enable you to create a culture of belonging in your organisation and make yourselves a trough member of your team?

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e-mail: biuro@academia-polonica.com.pl    tel: +48 609 704 897

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