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About us

Ewa Masłowska PhD – the founder and manager of Academia Polonica – is a specialist in cultural linguistics. She is the author of numerous publications devoted to a linguistic worldview – that has been shaped by the tradition, history, beliefs and customs. Language mirrors all the knowledge and experiences cumulated in the collective memory of the nation. In effect, each language presents a different worldview shaped by its tradition. So the awareness of cultural differences easies intercultural communication. That is why teaching Polish in a broad cultural context is a principle of the Polish language school run by dr Ewa Masłowska.


  • Our teachers are university graduates and have experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language.
  • All tutors completed training in methodology for teaching Polish to foreigners.
  • Their open, outgoing and lively personalities enable them to achieve a rapport with the students quickly and to develop each student’s confidence, especially in conversation skills.
  • They have a broad education which enables them to introduce cultural and social aspects related to the language.
  • They must be creative to present the lessons in a simple and inspiring way.
  • Last but not least, they must be aware of the cultural diversity and present outgoing and tolerant attitude towards students of all nations.

How do we teach?

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e-mail: biuro@academia-polonica.com.pl    tel: +48 609 704 897

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